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Our unique Value Assessment process is designed to assist Ocean Carriers in developing a vision and cost justification for a transition away from the constraints and costs of legacy solutions.

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Value Assessment

Through a simple, and time-efficient 3 step process, our shipping industry experts and technology experts will take you on a journey:

Phase 1: Assessment

Using our Value Assessment ‘Maturity Matrix’ we analyse your current environment through a combination of data gathering, on-site and web interviews and future state solution ‘teasers’.


Timberly Williams

Phase 2: Analysis

We analyse the information gathered in Phase 1 - looking at current Pains as well as potential Gains, and work with you to translate this into a realistic high-level business case.

Phase 3: Value Proposition

Shortly after Phase 2 we present senior management with a Value Proposal report backed up with a presentation and discussion of findings

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