The Cloud solution for Shipping Lines

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Operations Management System for Carriers and Agents
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Fully Integrated Customer Facing Platform
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Seamless Integration with 3rd party Shipper Platforms
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Digital Connectivity with Terminals, Depots and Customs

Digital Transformation for Ocean Carriers

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Best in Class

  • Native Cloud Technology

  • Security

  • Resilience

  • Load Balancing

  • Scalability

  • Active Performance Monitoring

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Digital Transformation

  • Advanced Connectivity

  • Collaboration

  • Automation & Exception Management

  • Single Version of the Truth

  • Extensive Company Preferences

  • Digital Platform Integration

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  • Yield Management

  • Adaptive Workflows

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Machine Intelligence

  • Continuous Enhancements

  • New Technologies


Return on Investment

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Efficiency and Cost Savings through automation, reduced process time and collaboration with agents.
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Improved Cash Collection through invoice accuracy and automated calculation of demurrage and detention.
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Greater Customer Satisfaction and Service Differentiation through great customer experience, responsiveness, and accuracy.

Competitive Advantage or Just Survival

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Plan Your Escape
  • Constrained by your legacy systems?

  • Too much manual effort?

  • Unable to adapt to new requirements?

  • Feeling trapped?

Escape to a solution that truly enables your business



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