White Papers

Locus and INTTRA: White Paper
Digitization in Shipping: Cruising Through Uncharted Territory

A White Paper by Locus and WNS

Odyssey Overview

A brief overview of Odyssey and its key functional components

Odyssey - Cloud SaaS

Highlighting the benefits from Odyssey's unique Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery

Revolutionise Intermodal Door-to-Door

Explore how Odyssey uniquely supports the end to end inter-modal shipment process

Solas VGM

Delivered in advance of the deadline to support Solas VGM, Odyssey's powerful VGM capabilities support the full range of VGM submissions including INTTRA


Real-time Schedule management and publishing for all participants ensuring up to date information and a single version of the truth for all

It's tough out there!

A technology enabled approach to value during tough times for the industry

Get connected fast!

Eliminating the time and cost to connect to ports, terminals, depots, shippers and shipper portals

Accelerating Time to Value

Delivery in the cloud as a service with, powerful user configuration tools, eliminates the capital costs and much of the costs and time associated with implementation of an enterprise shipping solution 

Management Information

Turning operational data into powerful and flexible management information to support decision making and analysis

Your Journey to Your Destination

Enabling your specific business processes, delivering fast returns and providing a roadmap to future value

Multi-Channel Shipper Access

Odyssey - a real time platform for Shipping Lines which uniquely supports multiple shipper access channels, enabling a path to full digitization and a single version of the truth

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