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Odyssey is a single unified cloud platform designed specifically for the needs of the shipping industry - providing comprehensive functionality based on leading edge technology, guaranteeing a single version of the truth for all users, agents and customers.

Unlike other solutions, Odyssey is built on a unique technology platform - Odyssey Connect - designed to deliver the collaboration and connectivity essential for ocean carriers without the burden of significant integration effort and cost.

Odyssey is designed for ease of access, low-cost implementation and speed to value

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Because Odyssey is delivered in the cloud we help you get live fast, with minimum up front investment:

  • No software or hardware investment

  • No requirement for on-site IT support

  • Access from any location, anywhere, anytime

  • A technology stack which is always up to date

  • State of the art security

  • High availability and performance

Odyssey is delivered as a Service. Unlike other solutions, this means much more than just a different pricing model.

  • Connectivity to a significant number of Ports, Terminals and Depots available out of the box, and additional connections implemented as required.

  • Out of the box connectivity to INTTRA

  • Commitment to a continuous program of enhancements delivering a roadmap of additional functions and features and avoiding costly software upgrades

  • No maintenance or upgrade costs

  • Online Service Desk

  • Proactive Service and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) ensuring high availability, service quality and performance

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“… participants on such platforms can derive greater benefits from being in such an environment than simply being on their own or attempting to build parallel platforms. Any type of platform play, whether company-owned or third-party, and cooperating or competing with a global platform can boost earnings compared with not doing so. Developing one own’s platform is challenging because in a majority of markets global platforms are already thriving. ... research shows that incumbent companies that use third-party industry platforms at the same time as cooperating with global, more horizontal ones achieve the highest boost to profit growth.”

Digital Survey 2018 - McKinsey Global Institute analysis