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2018 New Odyssey Collaboration Visual V2

A comprehensive integrated solution covering all commercial, operational and cost functions

Full function self-service capabilities including plug-ins for a carrier's website

Shipping Agency solution incorporated in the platform

Powerful door-to-door inter-modal solution significantly reducing time to create rate enquiries, quotations and bookings

Powerful configuration capabilities enabling user specified business processes and solution behaviour, eliminating the need for extensive customization

Odyssey's broad scope functional footprint



Odyssey's in-App enterprise social collaboration tool

Dark Blue Odyssey Logo.png

Unlike other ocean shipping solutions...

  • Odyssey is designed to support the complex workflows, collaborations and interactions essential for ocean carriers, their agents and customers

  • Odyssey is built on Odyssey Connect a unique technology platform supporting Digital transformation

  • Odyssey utilizes modern technology tools to maximize ease-of-use, business process optimization and solution flexibility

  • Odyssey incorporates Customer eCommerce and Self service tools which integrate directly with the operational solution driving high levels of customer service, data quality and competitive differentiation

  • Odyssey is purpose-built true cloud technology which accelerates innovation, enhances cyber-security and allows IT budgets to be redeployed